About Us

Responsible Machines (RM) is developing an unsupervised intelligence platform that is modeled around the way the human brain processes information. The platform will enable the RM robot to learn, speak and behave with very little human intervention. By mimicking neuroscience models, our RM architecture is designed to learn and make decisions in real-time, allowing the RM robot to perform like humans in real environments.

Responsible Machines was formed in 2016. We are a small team of explorative engineers and data scientists, with deep neuroscience interests, who believe that the general intelligence exhibited by the human brain can be duplicated with simple constructs in order to produce responses in seconds. We are working on a bottom-up approach to create a system that can learn directly from data, through input to the robot's sensory parts. This will allow the machine to perform just like humans without any limitations.

We believe that such a super-intelligent machine can assist humans in quickly discovering solutions to a wide range of global problems, including solving intractable scientific and other dilemmas, and be able to bring about solutions to reversing and preventing human aging and devising means of promoting extreme longevity and well being in good health. We expect that the RM machine will also be capable of producing rapid, accurate environmental predictions, and allow for the construction of smarter, more enduring and protective ideal environments, and also aid outer space and planetary research and devise a variety of industrial space endeavors designed to benefit humankind.